Mid-February-Cabin fever-too much snow-winter blues

I’m in Cleveland, Ohio and it’s been a brutal winter…so far. The weather is bad too. Mid-February and we just got another five inches on top of the fifteen inches already on the ground. According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, this winter has had over 20 days that was at or below zero. Lake Erie is froze over. I’m froze over. When will spring come? I have the ‘cabin fever – too much snow – winter blues’ (Is that a country song?)

Coming up in March there’s some cool indoor activity that’s warm. In Detroit, March 7-8-9, there’s the Autorama, a Classic car and Hot Rod show at Cobo Center, Detroit, MI (Championship Auto Shows). 

The Cleveland Autorama is coming up at the IX center, March 14-15-16 (Piston Powered Cleveland AutoRama )

And Dayton, Ohio has the World of Wheels at the Expo Center, March 21-22-23 (Championship Auto Shows)

But I’m looking forward this summer to something warm and blue that is awesome; The annual ‘Blue Suede Cruise’ at Summit Motorsports Park, Norwalk Ohio on July 18-20, 2014. This cruise is a blast with over 2400 cars ’72 and older, drag races, camping and a concert by the ‘Van Dells.’ See http://summitmotorsportspark.com.  By-the-way, this event is just minutes from one of the best amusement parks in the world; Cedar Point, in Sandusky, Ohio.

A lot of this information comes from my friend John Shapiro via his great Cruisin Times Magazine, which is operated out of Cleveland, http://www.cruisintimes.org, and is an incredible source of information on a lot of mid-west cruises and like events as well as a good read about classic cars and hot rods.

Another great source out of Detroit, Michigan is Dana DeCoster, Publisher and chief floor Sweeper at Cruis’news Publications, http://www.cruisnews.com. Cruis’news also has articles on classic cars, hot rods and a whole list of related subjects.

During the incredible annual 40,000 classic cars and hot rod festival, the Woodward Dream Cruise, Dana can be seen on Woodward Avenue, scrambling between his, at least four, ‘Cruis’news tents.’ (see photo – The Cruis’news tent at Duggan’s Pub, the Dream Cruise headquarters).IMG_2316

In the meantime, us Clevelanders and many mid-western people, are all going to just keep shoveling our driveway (actually I have my 17 year-old son do it now), and hope that at some time soon, it will warm up enough, so we can all get out our Dream Machines and just cruise – without worrying about all that damn salt on the road.

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