Forward….March! Oh, wait!

I haven’t minded most winters, probably because I grew up in Michigan. You can actually do a lot of playing in the snow besides the obvious snow angels and snowmen. I’ve skated and skied my whole life. I grew up by a small lake and when it froze over, me and my buddies would skate across to the north side, then turn around and put the corners of a towel into the front of our pants, then raised the other corners way up to catch the north wind like a sail, which would carry us all the way back to our side.


Ice fishing is not for me, although my brother and his kids love it. I do have friends that ice fish off South Bass Island/Put ‘n Bay in Lake Erie and their shanties can be quite comfortable, with a heater, lots of beer, food, portable TV to watch the games, soft cushion easy chairs, beer (again) and friends. Oh, yeah, once in a while they catch some fish.

Snowmobiles are a blast and I really got into cross-country skiing for a while, but my friends usually would bring too much peppermint schnapps. Way-too-much!

But one of the things I dislike about winter…is that you never get to see really nice classic cars.

Classic cars and hot rods belong in the garage in the winter, or at least covered. Salt and classic cars do not mix well and is like keeping an expensive painting outside on the porch. So, we people in the north have to forgo classic cars in the winter, unless you go to those car shows in the big convention centers, but that’s only for one day, and not out on the road.

At least we haven’t had a blizzard…yet (knock on wood). I remember living up in Traverse City, Michigan and was trapped in by the big blizzard of 1978. My roommate, Ron (I know – two Rons living together) had a place on the second floor above an ‘open-only-for- summer’ family funland called, ‘Arne’s Funland.’ It was my brother Arne’s place. He still builds miniature golf courses around the world and on top of cruise ships.

We had a fantastic view of East Grand Traverse Bay and Old Mission Penninsula across the Lake Michigan bay. The blizzard came from the northeast and buried us under 4 feet of snow with over 20 foot drifts. It closed all the roads and highways. I was lucky because a girlfriend was snowed in with me. Ron was not as lucky and had to put up with thin walls;-)

As I looked down on our cars in the parking lot, all I could see was a couple of antennae poking through the snow like reeds. One belonged to my ’72 BMW Bavaria 5.0 and the other was on Ron’s new ’77 Corvette. Both belonged in a garage, but we were young, single, and they were the only cars we had.

The weather people have predicted even lower temperatures this week with even more white stuff coming down from the grey sky. It’s been a long, cold, snowy winter…so far. I’m definitely going to bring my 17 year-old son, Chase, to the New Car show in Cleveland this week at the I-X center. I went to the International Auto Show in Detroit in January and saw some hot new cars (wait till you see the all new Mustang).


Further in March is the Autorama in Cleveland (, which I will go to see classic beauty, hot muscle cars mixed in with hopes of summer, when we can let all our Dream Machines out of the garage.


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